consent by oath
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consent by oath

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Consent By Oath

Trinity Breed book 3

ISBN: 1519722877

About This Book

It was just the beginning when Stephen Jones lost Jasmine, her body rotting in a forest, in a hollow near a stream in Shadybrook, he recalls. And when detective Mark Morison and his partner were introduced to a case that saw his wife kidnapped by his murderous father. Even when they learned that everything they have ever heard from anything closely related to them, was a lie. But sometimes learning that everything you have ever known is a lie is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Sometimes going home is worse… especially when going home brings a freefall of events and memories that tell you every horrible thing you have just been through was only the beginning, with the worst yet to come.
A battle to save the city of Boston will yield memories of a family and a monster on the wake. And this is where the straight road begins to skew.