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The Marriage Counselor’s secret Life

ISBN: 9781493605170

About This Book

As a marriage Counselor, Evans Simms has seen his clients go through hell. Some he helped to bring back. His job is to look into his clients’ failing marriages and find solutions for healing, or ending them. Amicable if possible. He’s been successful at it and his clients appreciate what he does. He makes a great living salvaging their lives, some marriages. Evan has a great life. That’s what everyone sees. That is until they take a good look.

Anyone who takes a closer look sees a man married to an invisible woman. Her name is Luan Simms and they’ve been married four years and counting. A majority of those four years had been spent living very separate lives. Evan rarely sees Luan when he gets home. She’s made sure of that. She spends most of her times partying, drinking, and outright having a good time night or day. Needless to say it’s been four years of fast food and lonely nights.

When Evan runs into Linda things develop faster than they can blink. They discover that they have had similar experiences and are both lonely. They connect quickly. Emotions develop and push their lives into overdrive. They make a few impulsive decisions to act on their feelings and things spiral quickly. The end result will force their decisions. Especially Luan who suddenly see changes in Evan and finally has to face the feelings she’s been ignoring about her husband. When she decides to give up her partying life and fight for her husband she takes up a challenge Evan has been facing for four years. She will force Evan and herself into a reversal of fortune. She will chase him. But is it already too late or is there more to the candid affair?